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Upcoming/In Development


In Development: The Alligator Play; or Something is Horribly Wrong at Treasure Chest Farms

Something is horribly wrong at Treasure Chest Farms, affordable beachview housing and alligator sanctuary. But the only people who seem to care are Cara, the teenage daughter of Treasure Chest Farms' owner, and Bembe, a traveling fireworks sales-teen. Will Cara and Bembe figure out exactly what those subterranean noises are? Or why people are traveling all over the world to visit these alligators? Or what any of this has to do with an Ancient Seminole God and the Fountain of Youth? Workshop production to be announced soon.

In Development: Untitled High Five/Glenn Burke Project


A collaborative project digging deep into one of the most ubiquitous gestures of all time, the mystery behind its origin, contradictions in masculinity, and a baseball player who may have started it all.

Sam French

(writer + director)

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