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Kragtar: a Monster Musical

Music by Kyle Wilson and Joe Mendick, Lyrics by Kyle Wilson, book by Kyle Wilson and Sam French


When a Godzilla-esque monster invades the United States, and Congress has shut down the government, it's up to two gay scientists to save the world from a fate worse than mothra. 


Full script available upon request

The Ballad of Beckett Kruszynski

Beckett Kruszynski is a 24 year old living in Brooklyn with his girlfriend, Amanda. One day, he eats a delicious meal. Later that day, his dad dies. A year later, he leaves his home in New York City in search of the finest chicken farm in Southeastern Pennsylvania. This is a play about how families shrink, grow, and change. This is also a comedy about death. This play has music.


Full script and samples of music available upon request.

Freaks: a legend about growing up


On a summer night in Florida, with the stars of magic and irresponsibility perfectly aligned, four friends have gathered to summon a hurricane, to rekindle lost love, and to see if wormholes exist.


"The language is intelligent, lyrical, and rich... a refreshing new work by a promising new playwright." - David Roberts


"[A] funny and layered script... like being suspended in a dream with warm, wounded friends." -


"Poetically courageous... their past relationships, pain, and memories are brought out through a secret language French has expertly scribed." - Theater in the Now


Brief PDF Excerpt


Full script available at Indie Theater Now.

The Last Page: a Nuclear Folktale


The Earth's stopped spinning, America has become a wasteland ruled by mythical scavengers, and the only remaining source of water is the storm-cloud heart of a lost young girl. Joined by a Colonial Soldier, the young girl embarks on an odyssey in search of a general, a mother, and of what is truly important


Brief PDF Excerpt


Full script available upon request.

Detritus! A Comedy!


Two escaped prisoners plot to kill a King. While a beautiful singer warns them of impending apocalypse, a talking blue flower urges them on. Suddenly, a thunderstorm of soil threatens to wipe out the world. DETRITUS! attempts to answer the age-old question: are human beings inherently good or are they all just total dicks?


Brief PDF Excerpt


Full script available upon request.

Sam French

(writer + director)

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